It was a pretty special moment when fashion designers Kansai Yamamoto and Christopher Kane collided in London last night during the celebrations for the opening of the David Bowie Is exhibition. As the post-show party relocated from the V&A museum to The Rembrandt hotel across the road, the assembled fashion freaks, who also included fashion writer Judith Watt and costume designer Fiona Dealey, went crazy when Mr Yamamoto, who was responsible for many of Bowie’s flamboyant stage designs, entered the building. The fervour that greeted the legendary designer was akin to the Bowie-mania witnessed earlier in the evening when guests queued around the block to attend the private view. Mr Yamamoto, resplendent in a suitably glittering ensemble, warmly lapped up the veneration like the fabulous ‘cat from Japan’ that he is. We were happy to hear that although Mr Yamamoto was flying back to Tokyo today he has plans to return to London with a new multi-media show promising “fashion meets martial arts and more”. Mr Kane, who earlier this year signed a major-league partnership deal with luxury group PPR, was not revealing his future plans but was equally giddy to be in the presence of such a style icon. Swoon.



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