A version of this article was originally printed in BLITZ magazine, #39 March 1986:

Michael and Gerlinde Costiff are regarded as one of the couples on London’s niterie circuit, a fact that they’re not necessarily delighted with. “I hate couples,” Gerlinde complains, “because they’re always so boring together…” But certainly the two tend to work as a pair. Michael’s current profession is, he says, in interior designer, with assistance from Gerlinde. “Basically though, I just do what people require. Now it turns out that everybody wants interiors.” One of his more recent professions, however, was as photographer – he took the stunning photograph of Siouxsie on the December ’84 BLITZ cover, and worked on the Banshees’ live video and set design. More recently he refitted Susanne Bartsch’s store in New York. “It’s in a ‘Disco Gothic’ style – wacky, unpredictable, freefall!” It includes a revolving replica of the Mayflower set on a gold leaf sphere on top of an eighteen-foot obelisk. Freefall indeed. At about the same time they turned down an offer from New York Details magazine to be Travel Editors. “The problem was we couldn’t bear the thought of all the places we liked being filled with New Yorkers when we went back…” And why so long a couple? “When I first arrived in London from Bavaria, I was lost in Piccadilly Circus and Michael took me sightseeing. It turned out that he knew all the real sleaze clubs. So I knew he was for me…”

Photograph by Michael Costiff, invitation for private view of exhibition by M*Kostiff (sic) / Photographers Gallery, October 10 – November 4 c.1980


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