How come it’s always the same (but different)? Today I find myself de-installing/installing TWO exhibits at TWO museums with TWO fabulous ladies. Exhibit A: Rosemary Harden at the Fashion Museum with the Rapid Response display. Exhibit B: Julie Verhoeven at the Holburne Museum with her Ladies Let’s Rip! installation. But I have to say that I am looking forward to a fun packed day and by sundown the Rapid Response cases will be filled with dark summer flowers (including a brilliant hand-painted Romany caravan-style sheepskin coat from A/W1999/00, a recent donation by Andrew Groves) and the Holburne Museum will be inhabited by a gaggle of rare Georgian beauties (specially created for Bath In Fashion 2013), the flamboyant offspring of the equally flamboyant Ms V. Ladies, as they say, let’s rip!

Rapid Response: Dark Florals – The Fashion Museum, Bath – for a limited period

Ladies Let’s Rip! the Holburne Museum – 13 April -19 May


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