The countdown to PUNK: Chaos to Couture begins. Here is one of my favourite safety pin designs that would certainly be on my object list for the exhibition. A jewellery roll designed by Zandra Rhodes to accessorise her Conceptual Chic collection, A/W 1977. The roll is made of felt (a constant favourite with Ms Rhodes) and the label is satin, as is the knotted rouleau tie that secures the roll. The beads were each individually stitched onto the safety pins by hand. I am pretty certain that Jane Raven, who worked in the ZR studio and was responsible for realising the beadwork designs of Ms Rhodes, would have originally devised the prototype for each pin. The label reads: ‘These are my special beaded safety pins. Yes – real safety pins! Wear them: – as brooches on your collar – Hanging from your necklace or chain – Hanging from your earrings – Pinned to one of my special satin rouleau necklace ties, or just hook them together for a bracelet. Have a lovely time. Zandra Rhodes’. These beaded safety pins capture a moment when the underground spirit of punk was beating on the door of the established order. Not quite ‘Sten guns in Knightsbridge’ but certainly a bit of a shock for the ladies who lunched up Grafton Street. 1977.


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