On Friday night I celebrated the publication of my new book, As seen in BLITZ: Fashioning ’80s Style, at the ICA in London. The party launched a weekend of events including an exhibition, curated by yours truly, and series of talks (more later). It was wonderful to revisit the five fabulous years I spent as fashion editor of BLITZ (1982-87) and meet up with so many fabulous freaks from way back when. A host of photographers, models, make-up artists, designers, hairdressers and assorted ‘misfits and vagabonds’ shared stylish tips and rekindled friendships. At the end of the evening Carey Labovitch and Simon Tesler (the founders of BLITZ magazine) presented me with a fabulous chocolate cake (made by one of their teenage triplet daughters!), featuring the cover of the book. Cover girl Scarlett Cannon and I cut the cake bride-and-groom style. A marriage made in Heaven…or, to be precise, the Cha-Cha club round the back. “I always wanted to be a black and white photograph”, said Scarlett. And now a cake too! What more could a girl wish for?

Photographer: David Johnson/www.shapersofthe80s.com


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