I’m in Holland…looking for clogs.

Actually, I’m here to curate the Royal College of Art exhibit at the M°BA (Fashion Biennale Arnhem). The theme, selected by future forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort is Fetishism in Fashion. The RCA display is titled, SEE ME, FEEL ME, and is all about how particular clothes make you feel (powerful, vulnerable, majestic) or how specific fabrics feel on the skin (fur, rubber, silk). The look of the exhibit is very low-tech – I am armed with paintbrushes – emphasising the art school legacy. The display also involves a retro-Monarch record player (now attacked with a pot of white emulsion) and the 7inch of Slave To The Rhythm by Grace Jones. More to follow when I return…

The photograph is of Adam Faith as the TV diamond chancer Budgie. It is from a centre-spread feature in the Daily Mirror, 13th July 1973. Faith is pictured with a gaggle of Smoothie boys and their girlfriends, known as Sorts. I was just fifteen when I originally saw this picture (the Daily Mirror was my parents newspaper of choice) and I had the total look: the feathered hair, the Budgie jacket, the pedal pushers, the stripey socks and…the clogs.

Fetishism in Fashion, The Marienburg Building, Arhem. 8th June-21st July.


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