I have always loved the scarves. This was one of the first pictures I styled of Amanda Cazalet, c. 1984, when she still had her head shaved at the sides. This was obviously too much for the Mail on Sunday colour supplement, where this image appeared as part of a double-page fashion story called, Under Wraps, so I merrily fashioned a halo of dishcloth, wool and chiffon held together with some giant kilt pins. ‘Face half-masked by scarves, anything and everything…’ says the accompanying text. That certainly sums up my everything-and-the-kitchen-sink styling (think I was channelling the wonderful Caroline Baker at that moment). We had to get up really early to travel to the seascape location to catch the light, and I remember having to get Amanda out of bed on a cold, dark winter morning. “I was quite new to London. I had moved into Phoenix House, behind Euston, a massive squat inhabited by all sorts of creative people: musicians, photographers, Tom Dixon was there, stylist Mitzi Lorenz and make-up artist Kay Montana,” remembers Amanda. “It was very exciting to be around people who weren’t into the normal idea of beauty…It felt good to be part of something new and different.”

Photographer: Sally Boon
Make-up: Louise Constad
Model: Amanda Cazalet
Clothes: Towelling hooded robe coat – Bodymap, shawls and scarves – Liberty, Browns and The Scotch House.

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