This picture first appeared in BLITZ magazine, #13, July/August 1983. It was part of a story titled Beat The Revolution/Revolt Into Style. It also included models Princess Julia and Felix Howard, who went on to become a KILLER cover boy for The Face styled by Ray Petri and later smooch Madonna in her Open Your Heart video. This shoot was inspired by the slew of fall about hand knits being created by young designers such as Bodymap, Eric Holah and Rachel Auburn. Princess Julia actually knitted several of the Bodymap samples she modelled. On a trip to Kensington Market I had seen an assistant on one of the stalls knitting new stock as she waited for customers. With her raggle-taggle bobtail hair and layered petticoat skirts she reminded me of the women who knitted at the foot of the guillotine. There was a revolution happening in fashion so the imagery seemed appropriate.

Model: Kate Garner
Photographer: Jamie Morgan
Make-up: Gregory Davis
Hair: Debbie Dannell and Martin Farino for Antenna
Clothes: Nocturne, Donna Weight, Bodymap, State of Undress. Hat made from offcuts of fabric belonging to Gregory Davis.



  1. Hello Iain – just to let you know that I finally got round to posting a piece on your BLITZ book launch. Late adopter and proud!

    1. THANX so much for the post – happy you enjoyed the event at the ICA – the book is doing fabulously (and more to come with ICA Off-Site exhibition and a series of installations I will be curating later in the year in London and Tokyo linked with a major British label – I will keep you posted as soon as I can announce officially!) …meanwhile, HOPE all good with you? The Lovely Man x

      PS. The lady in the Pearly Queen is Marianne Cotteril – you would love her! The second photo features Louise Constad make-up artist , Roy Brown (performer/fabulousness) and model Chris Martin

      the lady in the purple hat is the fashion assistant at BLITZ magazine Daryl Black … and friend?

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