When I was studying fashion at St Martin’s School of Art I used to earn some extra cash by modelling for fashion illustration evening classes. Apparently my ever-changing modes (punky ripped denim and vinyl one day, flouncy pirate flamboyance the next) made me an ideal subject for the group. So, every Tuesday evening after I had done with my classes I would pose for a couple hours or so in the entrance hall of the fashion department – it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it! And I was dressed up anyway as Tuesday was the big night out of the week for me and my friends at Billy’s (round the corner in Soho) and later the Blitz club (Covent Garden), both hosted by Steve Strange. So, off I would go into the night with some money in my pocket, if indeed the trousers I had run-up to wear had any pockets. After leaving St Martin’s I continued to be asked to model for various illustrators including Shari Peacock, Lucy Su and the wonderful Howard Tangye, whose work has finally been assembled in an elegant book titled Within. A few years back I was kindly given a pencil sketch that Tangye had done of me when I used to visit his home during the early 1980s. The look is decidedly dishevelled, which was (and still is) a much-favoured pose. A few months back I was emailed the illustration above, which is by Shari Peacock. It was originally commissioned for the Fashion Year Book 1983, for a feature on London style called Shall We Swing? I like that underneath the layers of leather and studs it features a much-loved item of clothing from my 80s wardrobe – the Sacred Heart vest by Sue Clowes.



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