This photograph was part of a series I took for ELLE magazine during the S/S 2002 New York collections. This picture was taken on 10th September 2001 – the day before the terrorist attacks on the city. It was an absolutely beautiful blue sky day and none of us knew what was to come. This was the first time I picked up a camera and shot a proper fashion story for the magazine so I wanted to keep the experience as low key and stress free as possible. Karen Ferrari, who was an old mate, kindly agreed to let me shoot in her downtown apartment. ELLE fashion editor Lucie Kearney, who accompanied me to the shows, brought a suitcase full of designer clothes to mix with pieces from Karen’s own wardrobe. The mood was very laid back as Karen did her own hair and make-up and we basically just hung out for the day, eating takeaway food from her local deli and sun bathing on her roof terrace between pictures. I even took a photo of Karen chilling in her hammock. It is weird to think that less than twenty four hours later the world changed forever. I like to remember it how it was before…

Photographer: IRW
Stylist: Lucie Kearney
Model: Karen Ferrari


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