My own ‘Peaky Blinders’, as seen in BLITZ magazine, inspired by Once Upon A Time In America, Yohji Yamamoto, chain gangs, Escape From Colditz, Richmond Cornejo, Bonnie and Clyde, Prohibition, POW (Prisoner of War/Prince of Wales check), Jailhouse Rock, John Flett, Gangsterland, Rei Kawakubo, the Lower East Side Jewish Quarter of New York c. 1929, Fagin and Dodger and James Cagney…




Photographer: Mark Lewis


Models: Paul, Alex, Robbie and David


Grooming: Stephanie Jenkins


All clothes by Dries Van Noten, caps by Duffer of St George


Portrait of Robbie wearing suit and scarf by English Eccentrics, sweater by Artwork, cap by Duffer of St George


BLITZ,  #52 April 1987




Photographer: Gill Campbell


Model: Simon Demontfort


Clothes by Culture Shock, Ally Capellino, Demob, Help The Aged and Oxfam. Number brooches by Jennifer Corker.


BLITZ,  #53 May 1987


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