For those who couldn’t get to my recent show, YOU’RE UGLY AND YOUR MOTHER DRESSES YOU FUNNY, at Paul Smith, Albemarle Street, here are a few pictures…

The information panel was typed on my manuel portable Olivetti typewriter that my mum and dad gave me for my sixteenth birthday.Image

Paul Smith, Albemarle Street gallery.Image

Ban The Bomb Balaclava Boy. Yuen Hsieh. 2013. Photographed by Pete MossImage

The knitted Ban The Bomb Balaclava. With thanks to Tracy Hughes.Image

Scarlett Cannon. 2013. Photographed by Pete Moss.Image

The Scarlett souvenir silk head square.Image

Xerox collages featuring images from BLITZ fashion pages, including Paul Coster, Adam Perry, Tamzin Davis, Chris Hall, Caroline Houghton, Christian and Duke.Image

Detail from Xerox collage featuring Paul Coster and Adam Perry. 1986. Photographed by Nick Ferrand.Image

Framed original prints, Xerox collage wallpaper and customised denim jackets.Image

Amanda Cazalet. 1985. Photographed by David Hiscock.Image

Customised Paul Smith denim jackets x 5, hand embroidered by Iain R Webb, featuring tulle shroud, antique sequins and original Levi’s denim (c.1986). With thanks to Alex Lang.ImageImageImageImageImage

Xerox collages, including Pam Hogg and Waris Dirie.Image

Xerox collage. Anita Evagora and Ivan Kushlick. 1984. Photographed by Sally Boon.Image

The For Every Little Misfit And Vagabond tote bag.Image

Xerox collage. Gill Valenzuela and Anna Poalozzi. 1984. Photographed by Nick Knight.Image


Polaroids and contacts featuring Susan, Hilde Smith, Baillie Walsh, Lynda Bridges, Simon Ringrose, Martine Houghton, David Convy.Image

Xerox collage. Caroline Houghton. 1986. Photographed by Iain R Webb.Image

Free badges…Image


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