I was recently asked by the lovely Harriet Walker to compile a list of The Fifty Most Important Dresses Of The Past 100 Years. No pressure. As we all know fashion is a very subjective matter so while I tried to include some truly iconic looks I also wanted to throw in a few oddball choices. But inevitably I did not get to include some of my personal picks…so here are five of my favourite frocks that didn’t make the final cut. I’m sure you can think of others?

Zandra Rhodes, Conceptual Chic ripped and torn jersey dress, 1977. Photographer: Eric Boman.Image

Clements Ribeiro, Cool Britannia dress made from Union Jack bought at tourist stall in Oxford Street, 1997. Photographer: David Bailey.Image

OMO Norma Kamali, grey sweatshirt dress, 1980. Photographer: Arthur Elgort.Image

Bill Gibb, panelled lightweight suede dress, 1972. Photographer unknown.Image

Gustav Klimt, c 1905. Designer and Photographer unknown.Image


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