In June 1988 City Limits magazine (a now defunct weekly London listings magazine akin to Time Out), invited five young men to pose together for a cover story headlined ‘Fashion’s New Mafia’. Mark Connolly, Simon Foxton, Hamish Bowles, Marcus Von Ackermann and myself were each interviewed by writer Jessica Berens about our various roles within the fashion industry. Headlined ‘Five Go Mad In STYLE’, Berens pronounced that, ‘As the style press fades, five of it’s graduates have entered the big leagues…these men are new style arbiters. All of them between the ages of 24 and 30. Flashing Cha-Cha smiles, they have managed to infiltrate fashion’s highest echelons of power – where once only lynx-ladies wearing Chanel used to stalk…[they] are paid to present fashion images to a collective circulation of 1.3million…their power will grow.’ Over the next few weeks I will post up-to-date interviews with Bowles, Connolly and Foxton about their lives and loves. Sadly, Von Ackermann passed away in 2013 and so I have decided to speak instead with several of his closest friends.

The series will begin in the next few days with superstylist Simon Foxton.    

Photograph by Mark Lewis.

From left to right: Mark Connolly wears Comme des Garcons, Simon Foxton wears Chipie, Marcus Von Ackermann wears Katharine Hamnett, Hamish Bowles wears Richard James and IRW wears Workers For Freedom.


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