I am so looking forward to seeing Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel, accompanied by the Orchestra of the Swan and the Chamber Choir, at the Royal Albert Hall in London this forthcoming Saturday (28th June), especially as they will be performing the band’s first two albums, The Human Menagerie (1973) and The Psychomodo (1974), in their entirety.

This is another newspaper clipping from my archive that I originally cut from the New Musical Express c.1976. It features Steve Harley with fashion designer Bill Gibb, wearing his trademark Byzantine knit cap.

In 2007 I talked with Mr Harley about Mr Gibb while researching my book, Bill Gibb: Fashion and Fantasy.

“I met Bill in 1974. Mick Rock introduced us. Bill made clothes for my 1975 and 1976 world tours including a hooded Chinese silk coat, along with a waistcoat and velvet trousers – that was my Cockney Haute Couture Barrow Boy look. He would come round to my flat at Marble Arch. We got along extremely well. He was the loveliest, nicest man in the world. Bill was phenomenally charismatic. I loved him dearly as a friend. He was an artist.” – Steve Harley

Photograph by Richard Young.

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