VERY excited to see the wonderful work of Ibrahim Kamara, a recent graduate of Central SaintMartins, getting major international press coverage for his series of images entitled 2026 that are part of the UTOPIA 2016 exhibition curated by Shonagh Marshall at Somerset House. The images are a collaboration with photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman.

Ibrahim was a student on the FCP course at CSM where I am an associate lecturer and was always a joy to have in class. 2026 was his final major project. His work is relevant and provocative, rebellious and romantic. And I was delighted to see that for one image Ibrahim chose to style his models with the addition of Orthodox Jewish locks – a look that I was myself enthralled by when I was making fashion pictures for BLITZ magazine forty years ago.

The future, it seems, is but a glimpse of the past…

BLITZ - David photo by Mark Lewis

Top: Photograph: Kristin-Lee Moolman. Styled by Ibrahim Kamara. 2026, 2016.

Above: Photograph: Mark Lewis. Styled by IRW. BLITZ, 1986.


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